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We strive to present products that resonate with consumers on a personally meaningful level. We seek to achieve this through several objectives. The integrity and safety of ingredients and processes will always be chosen with regard to environmental impact and socially responsible production practices. In tandem, every decision must be respectful of the legacy handed down to us from our family’s patriarch through three generations with the mandate of delivering quality to customers. Equally important is our belief in extending assistance for causes that give inspiration to our company and our customers.

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Uka Sake with California Organic Rice

Uka is the Japanese word for emergence. The miracle of the butterfly is birth of an elegant, ethereal, winged creature after transformation from an earthbound caterpillar. Uka sake begins with the family-farmed, meticulously cultivated rice and becomes a uniquely fragrant, full-bodied but delicate sake- a true delight for the palate.

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Rice and Barley have been the cornerstones of Koda Farms’ organic farming rotation since 2004.  Soil conditions suitable for rice are not conducive for rotation crops requiring well-drained soil.  Barley is the choice to make this system sustainable.  Alternating growing seasons with rice (spring/summer) and barley (winter/spring) breaks the weed spectrum cycle for each and helps achieve better yields.

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